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by Angelic Upstarts , Anti System , Bedford Falls , Big Drill Car , Blocko , D L Burdon , Burning Flag , BUZZorHOWL , Castro , Chestnut Road , Concrete Sox , The Coventry Automatics AKA The Specials , The Crippens , Danger!Man , Decimate , Desecrator , Doctor Bison , The Doublecross , Down Love , East On Main , Electro Hippies , FUAL , Geoffrey Oicott , Good Grief , HDQ , Hellkrusher , Heresy , Instigators , Ipanema , I Walk The Line , Jaded Eyes , Jilted John , The Jones , John Kastner , Keith Levene , Life.. But How To Live It? , Loudmouth , Lucky Malice , Manifesto Jukebox , Metal Duck , Moving Targets , Natterers , Not Tonight And The Headaches , Pandemix , The Phoenix Foundation , Pray U Prey , Ripcord , Sea Bastard , Shortcut To Newark , John Shuttleworth , Spoilers , Stupids , Varsity Drag , Wasted , Whipping Post , and Insurrection ,

£1.00 / On Sale

We are having a clear out of our test pressings!

Test pressings are run in quantities of 10 or less usually before the full run of vinyl takes place
They are usually plain white labels and on black vinyl in whte paper bags only
As most of our releases are usually on coloured vinyl, this usually makes them in some instances the only copies of our releases on black vinyl!!

We also have some picture disc test pressings - these have plain white labels under the clear plastic with a blue pencil line through them so look like a big solid white vinyl record with a black border!

The test pressings DO NOT come with sleeve or insert artwork, but due to their collectability and rarity we are offering the copies we hold for sale to not only make some space but also to help fund our upcoming releases

All tests we still have available are listed on the drop down list here

in the unlikely event that someone buys a test pressing before we get a chance to update the web store if its sold out we will send a full refund

All orders in this sale (which runs until THURSDAY 31ST JANUARY 2019) to the value of £10 or more for goods will also receive a 7" or CD of our choosing for free