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Down Love - Trust Ltd Edition Coloured Vinyl LP with CD Included

by Down Love



DOWN LOVE is a great new band from Kingston, Surrey, but features members who have been active in the UK underground punk scene for many years (including stints in JERRY BUILT and JETPACK amongst others) – Having changed their original moniker from HEY CHEW to DOWN LOVE, they now unleash their cracking debut album “TRUST”, which makes a unique sound that is part the grit of JAWBREAKER, the post punk inventiveness of FUGAZI and the melody and tunes of MEGA CITY 4 (one track of which, “Those Words You Said” is a tribute to the late great MC4 frontman Wiz). DOWN LOVE are a new band and will surely soon become your new favourite band! “Trust” is available on limited edition coloured vinyl with CD included, or stand alone CD.

A1. You Thief
A2. Those Words You Said – For Wiz
A3. Repeater
A4. All Of Me
A5. Who Is Counting

B1. Off With Their Heads
B2. Little Monster
B3. Release
B4. Colours
B5. It Comforts Me
B6. Floating