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eleventwelfth - eleventwelfth CD

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New On Waterslide Records

FOR FAN OF: emo revival, indie rock, math rock, INTO IT. OVER IT., american football, You Blew It, toe, malegoat, falls

An emerging band from Indonesia's capital city, eleventwelfth, join forces with Waterslide reocrds. eleventwelfth has established their signature sound with four singles beforehand on their bandcamp and Soundcloud page. Their recently released a single “Your Head As My Favorite Bookstore”, taken from their debut album featuring Asterika from Barasuara, and has received a lot of listeners, and media attentions.
eleventwelfth started as a duo musical project by Rona Hartriant and Almas Makitsuna in 2014 and later joined by Yogawerda Kessawa that expands as a passionate project from all of its member. eleventwelfth consists of music that described as an instrumentalisation of emotion, which goes hand in hand with outspoken honesty. The music showcases twinkling-emo infused with indie rock through out non-stop multiple tracks that are narrated cohesively.
Listening to their debut album somehow brings a familiar feelings.
With 11 tracks under their sleeves, this Indonesia's most promising new act is set to create headlines of the music scene in 2017. If you're into emo revival, you should check this band out.


Father Than I Might Of Figured
Quite Quiet
Violence Precaution (silence awaits)
Could Have Known
With The Weight Of It All
YOur Head As My Favourite Bookstore (feat Asteriska)
Take Care
Later On
Self Reflecting Doom (bonus track)
IN Search Of A Good Company (bonus track)