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HDQ - Sinking CD

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HDQ were one of the leading lights of the UKHC scene in the late 80s and early 90s, and one of the first bands alongside the likes of SNUFF to embrace the more melodic US hardcore approach of bands like DAG NASTY. Now their back catalogue gets an exhaustive and extensive re-issue as part of THE BOSS TUNEAGE RETRO SERIES. Still hugely influential today, 75% of the Sunderland based band went on to become members of UK punk legends LEATHERFACE. HDQ’s second – and arguably best - album “Sinking” from 1989 has not been widely available for well over 15 years, and never commercially released on CD before in the UK. Here it has been re-mastered, with full and detailed liner notes from bassist Rob Bewick and features 12 previously unreleased tracks on any format, including the bands first session for the John Peel Show.

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1. Leaving Home
2. All We Knew
3. There Comes A Time
4. Towing The Line
5. Praise
6. Within These Four Walls
7. Pictures
8. If Only
9. Sinking
10. One Word
11. Redneck Rap
12. Friends
13. Looking Back
14. The Grass Is Greener
15. Love Alone
16. Through My Eyes (Peel Session)
17. Those Remembered Times (Peel Session)
18. Believe (Peel Session)
19. Have Faith (Peel Session)
20. Positive Attitude (Demo Version)
21. Redneck (Demo Version)
22. I Try (Demo Version)
23. Bridges And Walls (Demo Version)
24. Love Alone (Demo Version)
25. Tombstones Of Blasphemy (Demo Version)
26. Four Walls (Demo Version)
27. My Life Is Your Life (Demo Version)

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