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Newtown Neurotics - Triumph Over Adversity CD


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Triumph Over Adversity is a terrific live album, how can it be anything else when the Newtown Neurotics were declared to be ‘One of Britain’s greatest power trio’s by Q magazine in May 2009 along with The Jam, Doves, Stereophonics, Motorhead, Muse, Cream, The Police, ELP and Manic Street Preachers”. The band has long wanted this recording to be released as they feel it lives up to the Q magazine accolade perfectly. Although this release was already planned, during the design stage, the original bass player Colin Dredd who is present on this recording, died after major surgery undertaken to relieve him of a long period of illness, so this album has now become a tribute to a founding member of such a powerful band. The lyrical landscapes of the world that Steve Drewett - singer, songwriter and guitarist of the band painted during this period are poignant in their accuracy of how we are now, politically and emotionally. It is this far seeing insight that has kept the vibrancy, intelligence and anger of the songs so fresh. This is no nostalgic dip into the Eighties, listen to his album and you are immersed in the present day. Steve Drewett, who has just played Glastonbury promoting his new solo album ‘kuJenga Society’ has had a busy year so far as he has also been touring with the latest line up of the Newtown Neurotics too. Although there have been a number of line ups over the years, 2015 has seen original drummer Simon Lomond re-join the band. The current line-up of the band is as original as is possible, Steve Drewett: Guitar and vocals Simon Lomond: Drums and another Harlow ‘newtown neurotic ‘ Adam Smith on bass. The bands have been playing a number of gigs around the country, and have recently played their first gigs in Ireland.

1. Wake Up
2. Never Hold Your Tongue
3. Airstrip One
4. Sects
5. Angela
6. Fighting Times
7. Newtown People
8. Africa
9. Stand By Me
10. This Fragile Life
11. Keep The Faith
12. Take Strike Action
13. Living With Unemployment
14. You Must Be Mad