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About Us

BOSS TUNEAGE is proud to be an independent punk label. We started in 1990 which we can't quite believe was 27 years ago.. Boss Tuneage has released over 400 releases now over the years - in all honesty, we have lost count. Currently we release records under the following labels: Boss Tuneage Records, Boss Tuneage Retro, X Fist, Mosh Tuneage, Flexipunk, Free Range Product and others we have not yet thought about.

BOSS TUNEAGE is distributed in the UK by the lovely people at Plastic Head Distribution, if you are a shop who wants to stock our stuff, contact us to put you in touch with our label manager

If you are a small distro or don't have an account with PHD, then contact us about our wholesale prices, just send us a message via the Contact link.

You can also write to us at Boss Tuneage, PO Box 124, Belford, Northumberland NE66 9EE UK.

Please note sadly we are are no longer able to send out DIY printed catalogues for those of you who still prefer to order the good old fashioned way! You can enquire to us though about ordering via cash/postal order via our contact details or via the post.