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by Prophecy Of Doom

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PROPHECY OF DOOM hailed from Gloucestershire and immediately made an impact on the UKHC / grind / death scene in the late 80s, becoming firm favourites of John Peel and standing out for their unique lyrics and subject matter focusing on philosophy and psychology. “Retrospective” has been released in conjunction with the band and puts together the recorded output of their initial years, including their debut LP, debut 7” single, two radio sessions and tracks from a live 7”EP release. Remastered and coupled with liner notes from the band, “Retrospective” is a must own release for all fans of the late 80s scene.


1 Prophetic Believers Prepare.
2 Insanity Reigns Supreme.
3 Hybrid Thought.
4 Earth Reality Victim.
5 Rhetorical Fusion.
6 Prophetic Believers Act.
7 Rancid Oracle.
8 Calculated Mind Rape.
9Acknowledge The Confusion Master.
10 Calculated Mind Rape.
11 Hybrid Thought.
12 Insanity Reigns Supreme.
13 Earth Reality Victim.
14 Rancid Oracle.
15 Hybrid Thought.
16 The Voice Of Tibet (Our Shame And Hypocrisy)
17 Acknowledge The Confusion Master
18 Raze Against Time
19 Onward Ever Backward
20 Earth Reality Victim (live)
21 Insanity Reigns Supreme (live)

Tracks 1-9 - 1st LP, 1990
Tracks 10-11 - 7" Single, 1989
Tracks 12-15 First Radio Session , 1990
Tracks 16-19 Second Radio Session, 1991
Tracks 20-21 - From Live 7"EP, 1991