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Suspended Girls - Pop Punk Is Back CD


New on Waterslide Records

Japanese pop punk veterans form the new band! Naokidz from Nobodys, The Dudoos, Toy-Pooh-Dolls, Kota Shimoji from Disgusteens, Lifeball, killerpass, and Nasu Ramone from So-Cho Pistons, those well known 3 punk rockers never stop playing in the bands since 90’s. Their 1st gig was the opening act to The Teenage Bottlerocket. If you dig in 90’s melodic/pop punk records around the world, you will dig this band.

1. Trance Ramone (kills POP PUNK)
2. I don’t know what of you are right
3. The sun wind in summer zeal !!
4. A sign of early fall
5. I’m O.K., you’re O.K.
6. Back to your nostalgia
7. A thousand view
8. Wash my mind
9. Surfside Route54
10. Surfin’ summer
11. Your voice
12. Do the likeliest, God will do the best
13. POP PUNK is back N
14. POP PUNK is back S
15. POP PUNK generation