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The Wimpys - Do The Wimpys Hop CD


New on Waterslide Records

Reissue of the Wimpys' 2002 debut full-length, including 7 bonus tracks! The Wimpy's and their Pop Ball records created Japanese pop punk scene in 90's. They have big fan base around the world since then. This is the classic Japanese pop punk, but sadly long time no available, and everyone waited for this. So here we are. Our version is including the full album, their debut 7", and 3 tracks from 3 compilation albums which is also hard to find now. Yes, of course, BUM cover is on this. Beach Boys meets Ramones on the beach. Jughead from Screeching Weasel loves the Wimpy's. What else you need?

1. The 1st Song
2. T.V News
3. Get On My Van
4. (Tonight) She's Not At The Party
5. Wimpy's Hop
6. Just Right Thing In Summer
7. Blue Eyed Girl
8. Stay Away From My Baby
9. Not Gimme One More Chord
10. Bye My Baby
11. She'll Be Apples, Mate!!
12. Little Sheela
13. She Doesn't Know
14. Califor-N-I-A
15. Play It Again
16. The Last Night F Summer
17. Get On My Van (from Get On My Van 7")
18. Teenage Dickhead (from Get On My Van 7")
19. Maybe Baby (from Get On My Van 7")
20. She Doesn't Know (from Get On My Van 7")
21. Darling, Love You So? (from Hook Up Bikini Girls Compilation)
22. No Matter Where You Go (from Poppers MCD 2001 Compilation)
23. Why Go Out Of Your Way (BUM cover)